The Author

Todd R. Uebele, Sr. Todd R. Uebele, Sr. is married with four grown children and six grand children. He and his wife, Fran, relocated to North Carolina in 1995, where they finished raising their children. They started building their retirement home at Iron Station, North Carolina, in 2002 and moved into it in 2003. After retiring from a career in Construction Management in 2005, Todd started writing. He continues to work on, and add to their home.

Todd has been an avid stamp collector of United States Stamps for close to 50 years. He collects all aspects of U. S. varieties, with a broad range of areas. One area of particular interest has been the Flag over Porch stamps, in which Todd became interested during the late 1990's. He began specializing in Flag over Porch stamps in 2000 when the purchase of a large mixture of the Flag over Porch stamps put his regular collection on the shelf, so to speak. After sorting through and separating the Flag over Porch stamps into different variety formats, Todd then began putting together different albums for his personal use.

In 2002, Todd prepared and gave a presentation at the local stamp club. The presentation was well received, but in Todd's opinion, it was lacking depth. Todd continues to build his Flag Over Porch collection, with much more depth, as new knowledge is gained and more varieties continue to be added.

About two years later, it was suggested that Todd give another presentation. A much expanded presentation was given and very well received. A couple of fellow club members suggested that maybe a book should be written about the Flag over Porch stamp series. After giving it much thought, Todd met with a publisher to further discuss the possibility of publishing such a book. After several meetings, an agreement was reached to publish a reference book.

Todd then started his research, finding more and more in depth facts and stories about the Flag over Porch stamp series. During his research, while communicating with several resources people, the idea to create an album came up. A list of stamps and spots to put them, were already in the works for the book, making it easy to build an album. The research continued, and a rough draft was made and circulated among friends and professionals. The album was then refined and published. When the album started selling, positive feedback started coming in, with the general consensus being that a follow up album should be published. After discussing the possibility with the publisher, they decided to go ahead with two more albums, a Part II and a Part III. Part II, Coil Strips was made and released in July of 2005. Todd then produced Part III, Booklets and Booklet Panes. This album was released in November of 2005. The reference book continues to grow, and is progressing smoothly.

Todd Uebele currently is a member in good standing of the following organizations: The American Philatelic Society, The Charlotte Philatelic Society, and The PNC3 Club. His other hobbies include woodworking, NASCAR Die Cast Collectibles, and spectator sports (football and racing). Todd and Fran also like to travel a lot.